Natsuko Hattori is an artist based in New York City.

2006年 "第15回青木繁記念大賞公募展" に最年少入選。その後、同公募展や "西日本美術展" "福岡県展" などで様々な賞を受賞。2010年、筑波大学芸術専門学群洋画専攻を卒業し渡米。

"The Art Students League of New York" に入学。同年、ミックス・メディア部門において優秀賞を受賞。2011年度には最優秀賞に輝き、また”The 16th Anniversary Grand Harvest Emerging Artist"賞を受賞しYuko Ni財団のコレクションとなる。

2014年アーティストビザを取得。ウォールストリートジャーナル本社ビルでの個展をはじめ、ニューヨークを中心に日本国総領事館など約80回を超える展示会に出展し、その他の米国都市、ベルリン、アジアへも活動の幅を広げている。2014年からDancer in MocoMocoと題したパフォーマンスを開催し"ダンス"音楽""映像""写真"による空間芸術を手がけ、2015年からはニューヨークで行なわれる「広島、長崎、原爆パネル、平和アート展」に参加し音楽家と共演。

2019年 NY日本国総領事館"令和"記帳会場内に作品を出展。同年、メトロポリタン美術館に華道芸術家とのコラボレーション作品を2度出展。


ニューヨークにある美術学校92nd Street Y​にて、講師として指導を行う。



  • The Yuko Nii Foundation’s Permanent Collection (WAH Center)​, NY , United States

  • The Yard Brooklyn, NY,  United States


  • 2019: Natsuko Hattori Solo Exhibition, "Forever", 92nd Street Y, New York, NY

  • 2019: Natsuko Hattori Solo Exhibition, "Hidamari", Consulate General of Japan in New York, NY

  • 2017: Natsuko Hattori Solo Exhibition, The Local NY Gallery, Queens, NY

  • 2014: Natsuko Hattori Solo Exhibition, The Wall Street Journal Gallery, NewYork, NY

  • 2013: Natsuko Hattori Solo Exhibition, Berkeley college, NewYork, NY

  • 2012: Natsuko Hattori Solo Exhibition, JaNet, NewYork, NY



  • CD jacket , Maru,  Photo Provided to Ichimijin



  • Interfaith Peace Gathering Commemorating 70th year Hiroshima Nagasaki Atomic Bombings, NY

  • Event decollation for Museum of Chinese in America, NY (April)

  • Event decollation for Museum of Chinese in America, NY (February)



  • Music Concert Inchimujin in MocoMoco, The Local NY Gallery, NY

  • Dancer in MocoMoco, The Local NY Gallery, NY



  • Window Display in Printed Matter 

  • Art Vetting, Selected Artists in October



  • Contrasting Shapes,Virtual Exhibition

  • ​Art as a Service, Waterfall gallery, NY

  • 20th Annual WAH Salon, WAH Center, NY

  • New Japanese Horizon, WAH Center, NY


  • 26th Annual interfaith Peace Gathering,JapanSocietyAuditorium, NY

  • Two persons show, Flower and Art , Inakaya NY, NY

  • Warp & Woof Beyond The Loom, Gold Coast Art Center, NY

  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art "Ikebana Demonstration",  NY

  • Divide And Multiply,Walter Wickiser gallery,NY

  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art "Ikebana Display",  NY

  • Iebana & MocoMoco, Consulate General of Japan in New York

  • JAA Art Exhibition, The Japanese American Association of New York, Inc., NY

  • 20th Annual WAH Salon, WAH Center, NY


  • Permanent Collection, WAH Center, NY

  • SJAC 2018 Exhibition, Gallery Max New York, NY

  • Atomic Bomb Panel & Peace Art Exhibition, Tenri Cultural Institute Gallery, NewYork, NY

  • The Yard: Gowanus, Brooklyn, NY

  • Aesthetics of Dreams, Carrie Able Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

  • Pop Goes The Weasel, WAH Center, Brooklyn, NY

  • Of Women, RAA’s Studio 7 Gallery, Breezy Point, NY

  • 19th Annual WAH Salon Show, WAH Center, Brooklyn, NY


  • SJAC 2017 Exhibition, Gallery Max New York,NewYork, NY

  • WAH Celebrates Volunteers, WAH Center, Brooklyn, NY

  • Peace Art and Photo Exhibition, Tenri Cultural Institute, NewYork, NY

  • Building Bridges, WAH Center, Brooklyn, NY

  • 18th Annual WAH Salon Show,WAH Center, Brooklyn, NY

  • 116 Nassau Street, The Yard, Porter contemporary, NewYork, NY

  • Uprise / Angry Woman, The Untitled Space, NewYork, NY




  • Ichigo Ichie, Kitakyushu Municipal Museum of Art, Fukuoka, Japan

  • Textured Vocabulary, Chashama 266 Gallery, NewYork, NY

  • Hiroshima Nagasaki 70th Years Photo and Art Exhibition, West Park Presbyterian Church McAlin Hall, NewYork, NY

  • Tokyo Art Crossing Berlin, Neurotitan Gallery, Berlin, Germany
  • Silent Auctuin, WAH Center, Brooklyn, NY

  • WAH Bridges Self, WAH Center, Brooklyn, NY

  • Working Artists, Academic Gallery, Queens, NY

  • J_Art_5th, WAH Center, Brooklyn, NY


  • Encounter Kichi Tono Sougu, Kurosaki Shimin Gallery, Fukuoka, Japan

  • Dance in MocoMoco Closing Party, The Local NY Gallery, Queens, NY

  • Turnstiles-A Focus on Our NYC Based Artists, Porter Contemporary, New York, NY

  • Holiday house NYC 2014, The Academy Mansion, New York, NY

  • Kenichi Nakajima+Natsuko Hattori Exhibition, Ouchi Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

  • Summer Art Festival 2014, Waterfall Mansion Gallery, New York, NY

  • Dancer in MocoMoco, The Local NY Gallery, Queens, NY

  • A National Women's Art Exhibition, The Wallace Smith Theater at Oakland Community College, Bloomfield Hills, MI

  • Spring Art Market, Space Womb, New York, NY

  • Jart, WAH Center, Brooklyn, NY

  • Love Shack, Nave Gallery, Somerville, MA  

  • 15th Annual WAH Salon Art Club Show, WAH Center, Brooklyn, NY

  • Pop-up Show, First Street Gallery, NewYork, NY


  • Two-Person Show, Choga, NewYork, NY

  • Mirai Artists Exhibition, Consulate General of Japan, NewYork, NY

  • Surp Assing Edges, Spacewomb, NewYork, NY

  • Alternative Reality, Spacewomb, NewYork, NY

  • Crest Hardware Art Show, Crest Arts, Brooklyn, NY

  • 14th Annual WAH Salon Art Club Show, WAH Center, Brooklyn, NY

  • Apple Juice 13 Varieties: A Grope Show, Gallery @ Be Fluent, NewYork, NY

  • J_Art_3rd, WAH Center, Brooklyn, NY

  • The Asian American And Pacific Islander Heritage Month Special Exhibit, Berkeley College Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY


  • The Student Concurs-Mixed Media, The Art Students League of New York, NewYork ,NY

  • J_ART 2nd, WAH Center, Brooklyn, NY

  • Spring Three Person Show, Caelum Gallery, NewYork, NY

  • The Grand Harvest, WAH Center, Brooklyn, NY


  • We Are One: Japan Earthquake and Nuclear Crisis Relief Exhibition, Gallery 61, NewYork, NY

  • Art For Japan: A New York City Artist Benefit, Studio57, NewYork, NY

  • Ise Cultural Foundation Art Student Exhibition in NY 2011, Ise Cultural Foundation, NewYork, NY

  • Joy, Grace Institute, NewYork, NY



  • The Student Concurs-Mixed Media First Prize, The Art Students League of New York, NY

  • Scholarship, The Art Students League of New York, NY

  • Model to Monument, Selected, The Art Students League of New York, NY

  • The 16th Anniversary Emerging Artists Award, WAH Center, NY


  • The Student Concurs-Mixed Media, Second Prize, The Art Students League of New York, NY​


  • 1st Shigeru Aoki Award: West Japan Art Exhibition, Ishibashi Museum, Award, Japan


  • 17th Shigeru Aoki Award Art Exhibition, Ishibashi Museum, Award, Japan


  • 40th Nishinihon Art Exhibition, Award, Japan


  • 15th Shigeru Aoki Award Art Exhibition, Ishibashi Museum, Award, Japan

  • 47th Kitakyushu Bijyutsuka Renmeten, Award, Japan

  • 39th Nishinihon Art Exhibition, Award, Japan

  • 62nd Fukuoka Art Exhibition, Award, Japan


  • 46th Kitakyushu Bijyutsuka Renmeten,  Mainichi News Paper Prize, Japan



  • The Swatch Art Peace Hotel 1 /6/ 2020 - 7/ 6/ 2020

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